Dear teacher,

Please take a few minutes to answer to the following questionnaire. This form is designed in order to collect valuable background information before you start using Go-Lab. Focusing is given on various aspects of teaching and learning in your school: knowledge of teaching science, knowledge of instructional approaches and technologies i.e. your pedagogical experience related to computer supported inquiry learning, general technical skills.

The questionnaire filled in by a particular participant will be connected in a single portfolio using the code.

Thank you.

ILSs is the abbreviation for inquiry learning spaces
LMS is the abbreviation for Learning Management Systems

Question Title

* 1. Teacher code
(to fill in the form please create the code in the following form: PP3XXsurname, where PP3 is the Pilot Cycle and XX is the country, e.g. IT = Italy) i.e PP3ITMacchia

Question Title

* 2. How do you intend to use Go-Lab:

Question Title

* 3. If you selected B. which ILS do you plan to use?

Question Title

* 4. Your experience in teaching science.
To what extent do you agree with the following statements?

  1: Strongly Disagree 2: Disagree 3: Neither Agree or Disagree 4: Agree 5: Strongly Agree
4.1. I have experience in using ICTs when teaching science in my class, e.g. for registration to different platforms, finding resources/learning materials, performing online scientific experiments with students, etc.
4.2. I have sufficient knowledge about science (Biology or Physics or Chemistry or Geology). to teach my science classes
4.3. I know how to assess students' performance in a classroom.
4.4. I am aware of the different approaches for teaching and assessing science (Biology or Physics or Chemistry or Geology) in a classroom setting
4.5. I can select effective teaching approaches to guide students active (learning by doing) and cooperative learning in science (Biology or Physics or Chemistry or Geology).
4.6. I have been trained to use different technologies that can be used for learning science (Biology or Physics or Chemistry or Geology).
4.7. I can adapt the use of the technologies that I am learning about to different teaching activities.
4.8. I can choose technologies that enhance the content for a science lesson
4.9. I have experience in designing lessons that combine science, technologies, and teaching approaches.

Question Title

* 5. How would you rate the following statements regarding your technological skills:

  1: I can’t do this 2: I can do this with some assistance 3: I can do this independently 4: I can teach others how to do this
5.1. Use of authoring tools (e.g., web page editors like Adobe Dreamweaver, CoffeCup etc.)
5.2. Use of online repositories of educational material.
5.3. Use of online laboratories and simulations.
5.4. I enjoy experimenting with new tools and technologies

Question Title

* 6. Please indicate which of the following scenarios promote inquiry related skills for students.

  1: Yes 2: No
6.1. Having students follow a procedure to complete a lab activity or experimentation.
6.2. Having students use graphics on the Internet to explain how gas molecules move.
6.3. Having students make presentations of data collected during lab activity or experimentation.
6.4. A class discussion about the arrangement of the periodic table.

Question Title

* 7. To what extent do you agree with the following statements regarding inquiry based science?

  1: Strongly Disagree 2: Disagree 3: Neither Agree or Disagree 4: Agree 5: Strongly Agree
7.1. Even if I try very hard, I will not be able to teach inquiry-based science, as well as I will through other approaches.
7.2. I know how to explain to students how to conduct inquiry-based science
7.3. I will continually find better ways to teach inquiry based science

Question Title

* 8. How often do you plan to use the following parts of Go-Lab:

  Daily Weekly Monthly Less than monthly N/A
Lesson plans
The authoring facility