1. GNWS Membership Request

Thank you for interest in the Global Network of Women's Shelters (GNWS)! Please provide the following information to request membership in the GNWS. All requests will be reviewed by the GNWS Membership and Governance Committee.

GNWS’ purpose is to unite the women’s shelter movement globally to end violence against women and their children. GNWS encourages shelters and other violence against women organizations working to create safe spaces for women, such as women’s shelters, refuges, safe homes, transition homes, & anti-violence centers to apply for membership. All applying organizations must adhere to GNWS’ guiding principles, vision, and purpose to apply for membership. At this time, membership is not open to individuals. For more information about GNWS, please visit our website: www.gnws.org

* 1. Contact Person Information

* 2. Shelter or Organization Information

* 3. Please describe the types of services your organization provides

* 4. Is your organization operated by a government agency? (If the government provides funding but does not operate the organization, answer no).

* 5. What is your organization's annual operating budget?

* 6. Is there a national and/or regional network in your area?

* 7. If yes, are you a member of the network(s)?

* 8. If you are not a member of the regional or national network, please explain why.

Please provide the contact information for any networks that you are a member of.

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By applying for membership with GNWS, I affirm that my organization shares GNWS’ vision and purpose, and our work is guided by GNWS’ guiding principles.

GNWS Guiding Principles
1. Governments and societies are responsible for ensuring women’s human rights.
2. Violence violates women’s human rights and equality.
3. The women’s shelter movement plays a critical leadership role in the global effort to end violence against women and their children.
4. We recognize that women and their children can experience multiple forms of violence and oppression.
5. Our work is guided by the diverse experiences of violence and oppression faced by women and their children.
6. Perpetrators must be held accountable for their violence.
7. “We recognize that violence against women is a manifestation of historically unequal power relations between men and women” which perpetuates violence and discrimination against women and their children. [UN Declaration on the Elimination of Violence Against Women]
8. Our work is guided by the UN Declaration on the Elimination of Violence Against Women.
9. We work to advance women’s leadership in the global movement to end violence against women.
10. Our core values are consistent with feminist values and include: accessibility; autonomy; dignity and respect; empowerment; equality and equity; inclusiveness; integrity; safety; solidarity; and transparency.

* 12. Please enter your name as an electronic signature on this application.