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As a social enterprise — one which donates 100% of our proceeds to our nonprofit parent organization, Open Hand — Good Measure Meals™ makes every attempt to keep our marketing expenses to a minimum. Instead, we aim to focus even more intently on enagaging our customers in a conversation — whether real or virtual — so that we can provide you with a better, more personalized level of service and support.

While our Customer Service department is always at your service, you may prefer to communicate with us in other ways. Whether it’s simply by posting on our Facebook page, taking one of our weekly online menu surveys, or commenting on an article in our online newsletter — EVERY customer interraction is invaluable to us.

We understand that social media is not necessarily for everyone, but it has become an increasingly cost-effective and responsive way for GMM to provide our customers with a higher level of support. So we do hope you'll take a few minutes to answer these 12 simple questions...we would sincerely appreciate it!

* 1. Please specify your gender

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* 3. Which best describes your marital/relationship status?

* 4. How many hours per week would you say you spend online?

* 5. How many hours would you say you spend on social media sites per week (including blogs)?

* 6. Why do you use an online social network? Select all answers that apply.

* 7. Please select the social networks for which you have created a personal profile or account

* 8. Please rank these social networking sites according to how much time you spend on each site

* 9. On average, how many times a week do you post to a social networking site?

* 10. Which of the following describe your relationship with Good Measure Meals? (select any that apply)

* 11. If Good Measure Meals increased its level of customer support utilizing social media sites (including the GMM website, blog, etc.), how would that affect your weekly interraction with these sites?

* 12. What types of content would you most like to see on Good Measure Meals’ social media sites? (choose all that apply)