Come and participate in Whitehorse Council's Harmony Day celebrations!


* 1. Name of group or organisation.

* 2. Contact Name and Details

* 3. Postal Address

* 4. Is your group based in Whitehorse?

* 5. Please provide a short description of your group or organisation.

* 6. How many members are in your group?

* 7. How many of your members are based in Whitehorse?

* 8. Type of participation?

* 9. Description of Stall / Performance

* 10. Passport Activity Idea (applies only to stall holders)

* 11. Description of Performance (applies only to stage performers)

* 12. Equipment needed for Community Stall

* 13. Do you require a vehicle to stay on site as part of your display? (stall holders only)

* 14. Do you require power for your stall?

* 15. If power for your stall is required, will you bring a 4.5kg Fire Extinguisher?

* 16. Total space required for stall _m wide x _m deep

* 17. Total space required for performance _m wide x _m deep

* 18. Does your Group or Organisation have Public Liability Insurance?

* 19. Please upload your Group or Organisation's Public Liability Insurance.

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