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Global2 offers great  features for teachers to manage their students' blogs as part of My Class

Individual student blogs can be managed from within Global2 dashboard allowing teachers to teach their students how to manage their online content within a protected environment.
Teachers can manage who sees which blogs, pages and posts and when. 
Kathleen Morris is going to be our special guest to discuss the who what when where and why of using Global2 with your students. … Starting with the why!  If you are interested in Digital Portfolios, Blogging Teaching the skills around Social Media  ....
Come join the discussion on the 12th Sept at 4pm 
Open to all Catholic and Government schools. 
I will send you a link to the Adobe Connect webinar before the session. (Double check your email address) 
Please share it with other colleagues as they can login as a guest using the link I will send. 

Some ideas for discussion include: 

  • Tips for Creating Student accounts
  • Student username tips
  • My Class Overview
  • Create Student blogs
  • Join a Class
  • Moderation
  • Reading & Commenting
  • Add student users to class blog
  • Add new teachers to student blogs
  • My Class User Roles
  • Password & Email address
  • Add Widgets
  • Connect with Parents
  • Use images
  • Embed media
  • Use videos
  • Connect other classes

Invited By: Sandy Phillips

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