Safety in the age of disappearing media

Facebook and Instagram are hosting a #girltakeover safety workshop working with the children’s charity Plan International Australia, the anti-bullying group Sticks ‘n Stones and the New Zealand safety organisation NetSafe across Australia and New Zealand.

They are seeking 40 female secondary students to participate in a half day session held at Facebook & Instagram’s new Melbourne office on Safer Internet Day Tuesday 7th February, 2017 . The focus of the session will be on Safety in the age of disappearing media.

So what is the day about?
Increasingly across social platforms -- whether it’s SnapChat or new product features on Facebook and Instagram -- there is the option to share content that disappears. This may give rise to a false sense of security and safety. Many existing safety education campaigns are focused on the safety strategy, tools and tips in relation to permanent media.

Students would be required to consider the issues and possible messages and policy changes that would be required to support all students to be safe and responsible users in such online spaces.

Victorian Secondary schools are invited to nominate two of their year 10 female students to attend a half day session held at Facebook & Instagram’s new Melbourne office on Safer Internet Day, Tuesday 7th February, 2017. Support would be provided by Facebook to help with the cost of attendance.e.g bus train etc.
We are able to offer 40 positions for the day. (plus a teacher for each pair). This is the form to nominate your students.

* 1. School details

* 2. What are the names of the two year 10 girls you are nominating?

* 3. Details of accompanying teacher or approved parent/guardian

* 4. What opportunities are there for the girls to share their experience and any strategies that evolve from the session across your school?

* 5. Do students participate or give student voice to any policy development at your school? If so how?

* 6. Who completed the application?