Application Deadline: February 27, 2023

Get Charged Up! is a program that models the importance of automated external defibrillators (AEDs) and Cardiac Emergency Response Plans (CERP) in schools.

Sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) is the #1 killer of student athletes and the leading cause of death on school campuses, though most schools and youth organizations are under-prepared to respond to a cardiac emergency.

Parent Heart Watch is the only national organization solely dedicated to protecting youth from sudden cardiac arrest and preventable sudden cardiac death. Our vision is eliminate preventable deaths and disabilities from SCA in youth by 2030.

As part of an American Heart Association task force, Parent Heart Watch joined school nurses, administrators, health and physical educators and other health and safety organizations to develop a CERP template that empowers school and youth organizations to become heart safe.

School nurses, teachers, coaches, counselors, administrators and parents representing elementary, middle, high schools or combined schools, youth sports teams, after-school or other youth community youth programs in the continental U.S. (excluding Alaska & Hawaii) can participate in this program.

To apply for the program you'll need to commit to the following, then complete this short intake form. We will notify you in March if your application has been accepted.

1) Obtain approval from administration to participate in the program.

2) Participate in a one-hour virtual webinar orientation on Cardiac Emergency Response Planning provided by Parent Heart Watch.

3) Implementation of a CERP using our step-by-step toolkit that establishes a simple system to prepare your community to respond to a cardiac emergency.

4) Complete program milestones as outlined in the webinar to receive your complimentary AED and cabinet from Parent Heart Watch.

5) Proper installation and registration of AED.

6) Include AED maintenance in your organization budget for replacement of batteries & pads to ensure AED readiness when needed.

7) Dissemination of sudden cardiac awareness prevention information to your  community.

8) Conduct one cardiac emergency school drill within the year.

Thank you very much for your interest in championing sudden cardiac arrest prevention! 

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* 17. Does your organization have a comprehensive, written and practiced cardiac emergency response plan in place BEYOND a notation in your EAP that says to call 911?

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* 18. In the history of your organization, has there ever been a sudden cardiac arrest event in your student community (either on or off campus)?

Parent Heart Watch is a non-profit organization that makes every effort to obtain funding for a limited number of AEDs. 
Completing this registration and survey does not guarantee an AED will be awarded to your school.