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* 1. Name (first & last)

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* 2. Respond to each statement using the scale provided.  Do your best to assess how you really are and not how you should be.  If you feel some do not apply to your current situation, answer them as if you were working in a professional setting. 

  Always Sometimes Rarely
When answering the phone, I sound upbeat and friendly.
I turn off my personal phone while I am at work.
In public, I take care not to talk too loudly, and I never discuss confidential information within earshot of others.
In my home, everyone answers the phone professionally.
When taking a message, I ask callers to spell their name and repeat their phone number; then I verify the message.
If I am talking with someone in a business setting and my office phone rings, I decline the call and apologize for the interruption.
Whenever possible, I answer my phone promptly.
When it is necessary to put a call on hold, I ask for the caller's permission.
When placing callers on hold, I give an estimate of the hold time and give
them an opportunity to leave a message instead.
When taking a call, I give the caller my undivided attention.
I avoid side conversations of any kind while I am on the phone.
Even if I am in a hurry, I never interrupt a caller.
I slow my rate of speech when providing or verifying information.
I say "please" when making requests and "thank you" when the caller has provided information.
I thank the person for ca/ling at the beginning of the call and when ending the call.
I allow the caller to hang up first.
Before answering a call, I try to minimize background noise.
Before taking a call, I ensure a working pen and notepad are available for taking messages or noting important details.

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* 3. Use the following scale to add up your points for each of your answers and record your total in the box that follows. 
Always = 5 points
Sometimes = 3 points
Rarely = 1 point

75 to 90 points: You have excellent telephone skills and manners.

61 to 74 points: Your current level of telephone skills and manners is satisfactory; however, there is room for improvement.

41 to 60 points: Your current level of telephone skills and manners is below average, and you really need to work on these skills.

40 or fewer points: You have very poor telephone skills and manners, and you should work quickly and diligently to improve your skills.

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* 4. Look at all the areas in the assessment that you checked either "Some­ times" or "Rarely" and create a plan of action to improve these areas. If you need help, cont act a respected mentor or friend to brainstorm ideas of how to improve. Which areas would you like to improve?