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* 1. Name (first & last)

Respond to each scenario below by writing the email response you will send. 

Each scenario requires you to respond in a different role (for example, as a manager or job seeker). Remember that your email will convey the image of your company or you as an individual, so try to incorporate as many of the tips outlined earlier as you can when composing your emails.

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* 2. Your boss requested your employee reviews by the end of the week. A major production line experienced a breakdown that took much of your allotted time to address. As a result, you are going to miss this very important deadline. Compose an email to your boss requesting more time to complete the task.

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* 3. Read and respond to this customer email.   


I am writing to tell you about the TERRIBLE experience I had with your business last week.

I came in to return a product that I purchased and was  told that because I used the product  ONE  TIME,  I  couldn't  get  a full refund. The JERK behind the counter said that I could only

get the current sale price and I had to take a store credit, which I would never use NOW after the way I was treated!

I asked to speak to the manager and she told me  that  the return policy on the back of my receipt (WHICH I DIDN'T HAVE, SO A LOT OF GOOD THAT DOES ME!!!) states that

products can only be returned for a full refund with a receipt and if it is in the original package.

Now, I don't know about you... but I NEVER keep receipts and I NEVER have had this problem with any other company before. Also, how could it be in the original package if I took it out to use it only to find out that it wasn't what I wanted!?

Anyway.. .just thought you should know that I will tell everyone I know not to shop at your store and what a bunch of jerks you are.

Peace, Joe

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* 4. You  are looking for a job.  Compose  an email that introduces  you  to a company for which you want to work. If possible, select a company and position that aligns with your desired career.

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* 5. Write an email thanking an employer for interviewing you for a position for which you applied.