Welcome to the UCSC Genome Browser workshop hosting request form. Thank you for using the UCSC Genome Browser and your interest in hosting an on-site workshop.

One of our trainers will visit your location and conduct a hands-on tutorial, tailored to your audience. We will customize the length and difficulty level to your specifications and can also be available to meet 1-on-1 to help troubleshoot or address more involved questions.

The salary of our expert trainer is covered by NHGRI funding and we are asking for hosts to provide an economy plane ticket (can be split between multiple hosts if you are co-hosting with other groups in your area), lodging (typically two nights) plus a flat fee to cover other costs:

$ 600 for a half-day workshop
$ 800 for a one-day workshop
$1200 for a two-day workshop

Additionally, we ask for a surcharge of $1000 for commercial enterprises and $500 for trips overseas.

The fee covers all other expenses, including surface transportation, meals, some administrative costs etc. It is acceptable for host institutions to recover some their costs by charging a reasonable fee of attendees.

To send us a question about the workshops directly or for further information, email:


Once you have completed the form someone will contact you to discuss scheduling and content options.

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