1. How should Conservatives beat the Liberal Democrats?

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* 1. Please say whether you agree or disagree with the following statements:

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Newspapers, blogs and others should attack the Liberal Democrats, NOT the Conservative leadership
We need to spell out the dangers of a hung parliament and the risk it poses to the economy
David Cameron, himself, should stay positive and not attack Nick Clegg
David Cameron is talking in generalities at the moment and needs to become more specific, spelling out the things that would really change if there is a Conservative government
It is important that voters learn about the Liberal Democrats' unpopular policies
People are voting Nick Clegg because they see him as an outsider
Attacking the Liberal Democrats is likely to backfire because they will say the Conservatives are playing the old, negative politics
Voters need to know that Liberal Democrats are dirty campaigners, have broken promises and have mis-used expenses
The 'Big Society' is an idea that is winning votes
We need to say that a vote for the Liberal Democrats could let Brown in by the back door

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* 2. What best describes your attitude to the prospect of a Liberal Democrat/ Conservative pact in government?

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* 3. Which of the following 'big beasts' would MOST help the Conservative cause on the campaign trail?