* 1. What does your business do?

* 2. Which industry is your company part of?

* 3. How large is your company?

* 4. What's your role?

* 5. Do you have a target customer?

* 6. Describe them.

* 7. Are your existing customers the same as your target customers?

* 8. How well would you say you know your customers today (their motivations, their needs, their desires)?

* 9. How would you describe your engagement with customers and prospects today?

* 10. Which of the following metrics do you use to indicate success?

* 11. Elaborate more here, if you'd like.

* 12. Are the metrics/results you are seeing satisfactory?

* 13. If not, what are you doing to improve them?

* 14. How would you describe your relationship with your customers?

* 15. What would you like to see improved in this relationship?

* 16. If a consultant could offer any service to help you, what would it be?

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* 17. Name

* 18. Email address