The Genomics Education Alliance (GEA) is a Research Collaboration Network funded by NSF (RCN-UBE # 1827130) to increase and enrich the teaching of genomics and genomics-related subjects in undergraduate biology education.  

Survey Purpose:

Gather information on what bioinformatics tools, training materials, and databases are being used in undergraduate education.
Gather opinions on the challenges of maintaining and serving these bioinformatics tools, databases, and related training materials to help identify ways GEA can be of assistance. We are particularly mindful of the need to update curriculum as basic tools and databases change over time.

Survey Audience:

For this survey we are interested in the opinions and needs of people who do any of the following in service of undergraduate biology education and in a way that at least potentially contributes to genomics curriculum:

  • Develop or maintain their own bioinformatics software or databases
  • Develop or maintain their own bioinformatics platforms
  • Customize open/public software or platforms for classroom teaching
  • Develop or maintain their own bioinformatics training materials
  • Develop or maintain some other form of bioinformatics-related infrastructure

This will be a very small subset of the academic community GEA serves. Subsequent surveys will capture the opinion of faculty users of these tools. We invite faculty to learn more about what GEA would like to accomplish and to join us by visiting our webpage here:

Time to complete

This survey is 25 questions and is estimated to take 15-20 minutes to complete
Consent Information

Participation in this survey is entirely voluntary at all times. You can choose not to participate at all or to quit the survey at any time. Regardless of your decision, there will be no effect on your relationship with the research team or the GEA, nor any other consequences. There are no risks associated with participating in this survey. While you may not experience any concrete benefits from participation, this survey may benefit others by enabling the GEA to describe, and begin to address and support, challenges that faculty encounter as they work to integrate genomics and genomics-related subjects into their undergraduate biology courses. By completing the survey, you are indicating your consent to participate in this study. You will not be compensated for your participation in this survey. If you have any questions about your rights as a research participant please contact the survey administrator Jason Williams ( or GEA PI Douglas Chalker (

Question Title

* 1. Are you over 18 years of age, and do you consent to participate in this survey?