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1. Conversation Partners Program -- internationals are matched with native English speakers for informal language practice through conversations.

2. International Friendship Program -- internationals are matched with host families or individuals for cultural exchange and friendship.

3. Women's Intercultural Book Groups --facilitated by one or more American female reader(s), a small group of women from various cultural backgrounds get together to read and enjoy intellectual discussions of literature.

4. International Speakers Program -- internationals visit local schools and civic groups and share about their countries and cultures.

5. General volunteer opportunities -- many ways for both internationals and local residents to help others and get involved with Global Connections, from volunteering at our International Children's Festival, Cultural Lunches, Women's International Night to volunteering as a translator/interpreter and in our office work. If you are interested in doing an internship with Global Connections, please contact the Executive Director (814-867-4223) directly.

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