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GBS Effectiveness is measured through the progress of a GBS organization from earlier stages of GBS to later stages. This is a maturity model as well as a model of how effective is GBS in delivering value to the enterprise and being a key enabler for Digital Transformation. The earlier Stages of GBS typically focus on cost and with the evolution of GBS to Stage 3 and Stage 4, the focus shifts to value and delivering exponential improvements. GBS maturity and effectiveness is measured through 5 vectors and 25 sub-vectors that determine the current stage of GBS Maturity and Effectiveness. This is a key tool in developing a roadmap to professionalize and evolve GBS to the next stage.

We invite you to take a short online Assessment for your current GBS or Shared Services organization which will help you get a high level feel for the 5 vectors and a tentative placement on the GBS Effectiveness Stage.

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