Green Bay Police Department Citizen Feedback Survey

* 1. How safe do you feel in your neighborhood?

* 2. Please rank the three most important concerns regarding CRIMINAL ACTIVITY in your neighborhood, with 1 being most important.

  1. 2. 3.
Gang Crime (Includes Graffiti)
Alcohol Related Crime
Damage to Property/Vandalism
Violent Crime
Drug Related Crime
Juvenile Crime
Burglary (residence or business)

* 3. Please rank the three most important concerns regarding NUISANCE ACTIVITY in your neighborhood.

  1. 2. 3.
Traffic (speeding, reckless driving)
Loud Mufflers
Poorly Maintained Property
Loud Noise (music, parties)
Panhandling (begging)
Public Intoxication

* 4. What problem should be solved first?

* 5. Are any of the problems related to a specific place? If so, please specify.

* 6. Do you use any of the following social media outlets of the Green Bay Police Department?

* 7. To help us better determine citizen priorities for each part of the city, please tell us what part of the city you live in. (Map available at