* 1. How much does having IBD negatively affect your mental well-being? For example, you feel more anxious, sad, irritated, overwhelmed, angry, etc.?

* 2. How much does stress impact your IBD symptoms? This can be day-to-day hassles to really big, stressful life events.

* 3. How important is treating the mental aspects of living with IBD? For example, treating anxiety or depression, stress management, improving coping skills, helping with managing your treatments, improving your social life?

* 4. Has your gastroenterologist spoken to you about the mental aspects of living with IBD?

* 5. Would you see a therapist who works with people with IBD if your IBD was negatively affecting your mental well-being?

* 6. If you've thought about seeing a therapist for your IBD, what are some barriers you may have experienced in making that happen? (Check all that apply)

* 7. Please tell us anything more about how having IBD affects your mental well-being and suggestions you may have for medical professionals to help you.