Please take a few minutes a fill out this confidential patient opinion survey. Our ultimate goal is to provide excellent care in the best possible setting. Because we want you to be satisfied, we are interested in your views about the services we provide. Your suggestions can help us better meet your needs in the future. Thanks in advance for your help.

* 1. Is our office location convenient for you?

* 2. Are the parking facilities adequate?

* 3. Do our office hours accommadate your needs?

* 4. Is our waiting room comfortable?

* 5. Is the reading material in the waiting room up-to-date and interesting?

* 6. Is the examining room comfortable?


* 8. When you call our office, are the telephones answered promptly?

* 9. Is our answering service responsive to your needs?

* 10. Have you been put on hold for long periods?

* 11. Do you receive prompt appointments?

* 14. If you were kept waiting, did a staff member explain the reason?