The Gaston Rural Fire District hopes you’ll help us shape our future. The district employs two full-time firefighters who staff the station on weekdays while our volunteers are at work, but on nights and weekends we rely entirely on volunteers to provide fire and medical services to our service area in Washington and Yamhill counties, including Laurelwood, Cherry Grove and Hagg Lake. Those of us at Gaston Fire think that formula has kept costs low and service levels high, but we also know that your opinion is more important than ours.

Here’s a chance to tell us what you think, and please don’t forget that your questions and comments are always welcome, whether in person, online at www.gastonfire.org and www.facebook.com/gastonfire, by phone at (503) 985-7575 or by mail at 102 E. Main St., Gaston 97119.

* 1. Overall, how satisfied are you with Gaston Fire?

* 2. Have you used the services of Gaston Fire within the past five years?

* 3. How far do you live from the Gaston Fire Station?

* 4. How satisfied are you with how well Gaston Fire keeps you informed about its calls, activities and other news concerning the District?

* 5. Balancing service levels against current tax levels, how would you rate the overall value you receive from Gaston Fire?

* 6. Is there anything more you would like to tell us?