* What type of high school did you graduate?

* What state was your high school in?

* Did you take a gap year abroad immediately after graduating high school?

* Did you defer college to take a gap year abroad?

* What gap year abroad program did you attend?

* Where was your gap year program located?

* Overall, how would you rate your gap year program?

* Would you choose the same program again?

* Generally speaking, why did you take a gap year abroad?
(select up to 3)

* What factors did you consider when choosing your specific gap year program?
(select up to 3)

* Please rank the following aspects of gap year programs by their importance in your choice.

  Least Important Most Important
Location (country)
Location (city/region)
Friends were going
Academic reputation
Speciality program
Travel options

* When you began your gap year, what did you intend to do after the program?

* After your gap year, did you do as you intended?

* Briefly tell us what you liked MOST about your specific gap year program.

* Briefly tell us what you liked LEAST about your specific gap year program.

* What do you wish you had known when choosing a gap year program?

* What is the most beneficial thing you got from your gap year experience?

* What are gap year abroad programs currently not doing that you believe they should?

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