About This Survey

What draws you to beaches and parks and trails, and what prevents you from enjoying them? 

GaLTT has received a grant from BC Parks to evaluate what is needed to improve access specifically at Gabriola Sands Provincial Park (Twin Beaches), but this surveys covers all major parks, beaches and trails on Gabriola. We want to know what kind of changes would most benefit our community, so we can use the information in planning future projects to make Gabriola’s recreational areas more inclusive and welcoming to people of all abilities.

Don’t be intimidated by the length of the survey! Most questions can be answered by ticking a box, and if that’s all you do it will take you about 20 minutes to complete. We’ve included extra space for any comments you might want to add, and very much appreciate it if you take the time, but you don't have to do so.

Survey Respondents

The survey is intended to be completed by adults (19 and over) and youth (13-18) who are permanent residents, regular seasonal residents, or visitors in District B (Gabriola and surrounding islands).

Anonymity and Confidentiality 

All data collected will be anonymous and no identifying information will be captured in the analysis of the data. No IP addresses (digital addresses unique to your individual devices) will be collected. Only summary data will be published.

Dissemination of Results

Summary results of the survey will be published on GaLTT’s website and made available to Gabriolans and other interested parties.

Question Title

This map shows areas referenced in the survey.

This map shows areas referenced in the survey.