Feedback for Events at the Galaxy Club

* 1. Personal Information

* 2. Are you aware of the events happening at Galaxy Club?

* 3. If "no", how would you like us to intimate you?

* 4. Are you happy with the number of events at Galaxy Club?

* 5. If "no" then how many events/activities do you suggest we must have on a monthly basis?

* 6. Are you enjoying the current events/activities held at the club?

* 7. What kind of events would you like to attend?

  Yes No
Gulps n Games Night
Games Galore
Games Night
Housie Hangover
Dumb Charades
Karaoke Night
Gossip n Giggles
Movie Mania
Food Festival
Sunday Brunch
Musical Theme Nights
Puzzles and Prizes

* 8. Are they organized, managed and hosted well?

* 9. Any other comments or suggestions to serve you better