* 1. On average, how often do you visit the library?

* 2. The atmosphere in the library is pleasant and helpful to learning.

* 3. There are enough computers, printers, and other electronic devices in the library to complete my assignments.

* 4. The library has plenty of online databases for me to complete my assignments.

* 5. The library staff is approachable and helpful.

* 6. Resources such as books, DVDs, and magazines are easy to locate in the library.

* 7. Rate the following:

  Excellent Good Fair Poor Don't know/Not applicable
Customer service
Collection (books, DVDs, music, newspapers, etc.)
Programs (classes, events, Makerspace, etc.)
Online services (website, catalog, research databases, etc.)
ILL (Interlibrary loan)
Internet access
Hours of operation
Library areas (study areas, quiet space)

* 8. Tell us how we can make the library better for you.