First Exposures is approaching Fall 2020 in a new way! Our theme this year will be Inside Out, which will center the voice, experience, and imagination of our youth during the quarantine, culminating in a project at the end of the semester. We want this semester to be about the diverse and unique ways young people process, make sense of, and create their realities, empowering them to dream of new worlds and possibilities. To look at some great examples, look here, here, here, here, and here!

Fall 2020 will run from September 12th to December 12th; to maintain safety for our community, we will be holding all of our classes virtually. We will be offering two class focuses, "fiction" and "nonfiction", as well as, two class times to choose from, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. The times of each class will be confirmed through email. All of our classes will be taught by instructors, using digital cameras, photo editing software, and creativity as our tools.

The Fiction Focus will be a class that explores photography styles such as fine art, conceptual, abstract, and experimental.

The Nonfiction Focus will be a class that explores photography styles such as documentary, photojournalism, and street photography.

UPDATE DEADLINE: September 6th, 2020. Please update us as early as possible.

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Mentor Commitment

In service to our mentees and the mission of our program, we at First Exposures want to emphasize that by being a mentor, you are creating an important and supportive relationship with a young person, which can be uniquely challenging in the virtual world. As such, we need our mentors to be a present and active participant for the success of our program; this means reaching out to mentees regularly, attending Saturday classes, and encouraging mentee engagement by being engaged yourself.

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* Can you commit to the First Exposures for the full academic year as a mentor?

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