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Please take our short 17 question anonymous survey to help the Town's Telecommunications Advisory Committee build a better understanding of how our residents use and leverage the Internet and the Town's electronic services.  

The Fairview Technology Advisory Committee advises the Town Council on a variety of technology-related subjects.  Citizen feedback is an important part of improving our available services and the supporting infrastructure.  We hold an open meeting generally once a month which anyone can attend and participate.  For further information, questions or concerns, please contact William Baxter.  

To find out more about the Technology Committee, visit: http://fairviewtexas.org/government/boards-and-commissions.html

Thank you in advance for taking our survey, please only complete one survey per household

* 1. Select and rate your home television service

  Poor Fair Good
Grande Communications
Spectrum (formerly Time Warner Cable)
SuddenLink Communications
DirectTV (Satelite)
DISH Networks

* 2. Select and rate your Internet Service Provider

  Poor Fair Good
Grande Communications
Spectrum (formerly Time Warner Cable)
SuddenLink Communications
Rise Broadband

* 4. Do you have a home "landline" telephone service?  Select and rate if you do.

  Poor Fair Good
Grande Communications
Spectrum (previously Time Warner Cable)
SuddenLiink Communications
Internet Phone (VOIP)

* 5. Please rate the Town's online communication tools that help keep residents informed of Town activities

  I don't use this at all I view it a few times per year I'm always checking it out
Town Website (more information)
Town Magazine (more information)
Nixle Text and e-mail Notifications (more information)
Newsletters Alerts and Meeting Agendas (more information)

* 6. What Social Media service would you like to receive Town communications from?

* 7. How often do you use a "Chat" service on websites for support help?

* 8. Select the Town's Online services you've used

* 9. What other online service would you like to see the Town implement?

* 10. Would you view Town webcasts if available? Example:Town Council meetings broadcast over the Internet.

* 12. How likely are you to drop traditional Cable or Satellite service for an online streaming service in the next year?

* 13. Rate the following services provided by your Internet Service Provider

  Poor Fair Good
Order or establish service
Resolve a billing issue
Report a service problem
Install, upgrade or move service

* 14. If a new Internet Service were offered in Fairview, which of these factors below would most influence your purchase decision?  (rank 1 most, through 5 least)

* 15. How will the below future technologies impact the Town in the next 5 years?

  Positive Impact Negative Impact Both Positive and Negative Impact I have no clue
Self Driving Cars
Automated Town Services (example; Artificial Intelligence Phone Answering Service)
Computer Vision (using cameras in the Town to collect a range of data for Town operations and planners)

* 16. Additional Technology Comments

* 17. What Subdivision do you live in, or specify Street Name?