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The Future Pedagogies Project explores how schools and educators develop, employ and evaluate pedagogies to meet the evolving needs of their school communities. In particular, the project examines the relationship between pedagogical change and evidence-based practice.

Participants in selected schools apply issues in current research to identify pedagogy-related problems in their school context and develop a strong evidential base to work through solutions and effect meaningful change. As part of their involvement in the project, selected schools will be provided with $5,000 of project funding to support pedagogy-related professional learning, attend project planning sessions and to more broadly assist schools in working towards their outlined project goals. Funding will be conditional on the involvement of each school principal in the project.

To register their Expression of Interest, the principal of each school is required to complete this short questionnaire that explores the nature of pedagogical change in the context of the realities contemporary schools face. The data gathered enables the research team to better understand how schools respond to broader problems that are reflected in recent pedagogy research and will be used to select schools for inclusion in the project. The whole questionnaire takes approximately TWENTY MINUTES to complete.

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The responses you provide will be treated confidentially and the instrument has been approved by the Macquarie University Ethics Committee in the Faculty of Human Sciences and Department of Education and Communities. No personally identifying information will be published in any form.

You do not have to participate in this project if you do not want to. You do not have to answer any question that you do not want to answer for any reason. We will be happy to answer any questions you have about this project. Should you have any questions about the research, you can contact Professor John Hedberg (Chief Investigator) – email: or PH: 9850 9894. For any technical assistance with the submission process, please contact Cathie Howe at Macquarie ICT Innovations Centre ( or 9850 4310). Further information is also available on the Macquarie ICT Innovations Centre website (

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