1. About you

All our host farmers and mentors on the Future Growers scheme believe passionately in nurturing the next generation of organic farmers and growers and teaching them the craft of organic growing.

Please complete this form to allow us to match the needs of your holding to those of our trainees and apprentices.

Deadline: We recommend that you get your application to us by 31 January 2014, for our spring 2014 intake. However there is some flexibility around this.

If you have any questions please contact Rachel Harries on 0117 987 4601 or email rharries@soilassociation.org

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* 14. How many years of growing experience do you have?

* 15. Do you have experience of managing staff or volunteers?

* 16. Do you have experience of training or mentoring? (This could be informally through training staff or volunteers)

* 17. Do you have up to date health and safety polices and risk assessments?

* 18. What is your aim for involvement in the scheme? (tick as many boxes as apply)

* 19. Have you read through the Guide to being a host farm?

* 20. Are you looking to recruit a trainee or an apprentices?

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