1. Eco-Driving Survey

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To help our research into driving behaviour, we would be very grateful if you would take a few minutes to complete a short survey of drivers to help us gauge their attitudes towards how cars might be in the future, including cars that could drive themselves to your destination.

Please be assured that this survey is anonymous and results cannot be traced back to any individual at all. The survey should take between 6 and 10 minutes to complete.

Finally, when completing the questions about in-car technology, we ask you to assume no additional cost for the vehicle itself compared to existing 'standard' vehicles.

With many thanks
Drs Joan Harvey and Neil Thorpe and Jonathan Clough

1. Please tick one box on each line to show how much you agree or disagree with each statement

  Strongly Agree Agree Slightly Agree Not Sure Slightly Disagree Disagree Strongly Disagree
1 I would like a car that I could switch to 'steering itself'
I like to drive a car with a manual gear change
I would worry if travelling in a railway train that was completely driverless
I enjoy the feeling of control of the car when I am driving
5 More car driving activities should be automated
I am happy to trust 'driverless' trains and metros.
I would like in the future to be able to input the address and the car drives me there itself.
8 On familiar journeys it is very easy to lose concentration.
I sometimes meet traffic congestion that I could have avoided.
I sometimes drive with only half an eye on the road whilst doing something else.
11 When driving I have had to brake sharply to avoid the vehicle in front.
I often can't remember the road section I have just been driving along.
A GPS device is a useful tool if you are unfamiliar with a place
Driving an 'automatic' car is preferable to one with a manual gear stick
15 Changing gears when driving allows you to have more control over acceleration
If there was a child in the car, I would be happy for automated steering to take control
A car with sensors that always stopped me running into things would be a good idea
18 If a car could be driven automatically, I would like to swap in and out of this when I wanted to.
Cars would actually be safer if they were fully automated
I would consider switching to 'automated control' for longer distances
21 If a car could be driven automatically, it might encourage people to take longer journeys.
If a car was being driven automatically, I could make more productive use of my time by doing something else
I get satisfaction from being in control of a car
I like the idea of sensors so that you don't ever hit anything when driving
25 I would trust a computer to drive the car more safely than me
If the weather was poor, I would feel safer in a car with automatic steering and braking
If I had been drinking alcohol I would like to have a vehicle that could actually drive me home
I would feel more comfortable allowing the vehicle to drive itself if all other road vehicles were automated
29 I often think about other things or daydream whilst driving
I try to avoid driving
I go driving just for the sake of it
I would get stressed if I didn’t have control of my car
33 I would be more receptive to automated vehicles if there were efficiency and cost savings
I trust Satnav systems to choose the best route to my destination
I often choose a route based on my enjoyment of it rather than the distance or time to the destination
I prefer driving to being driven
37 Technology has a valuable role to play in our lives
I like labour-saving devices
Technology is better than humans at making rational decisions in high-risk situations
40 A driving system that had sensors to control braking would be difficult to trust
I would be able to drive better than an automated vehicle
I consider myself to be a good driver
43 I like to plan my journeys in advance of setting off
I would trust my friends as drivers if I were a passenger
I don't always trust new technology to be as safe as it might be
46 New technology can make modern life much easier
Technology can often perform tasks better than people
Generally, I enjoy driving
I would not trust a driving system that took away my control of steering