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Position Description

Maine Campus Compact, in partnership with the national Campus Compact 501(3)c nonprofit organization, is seeking co-facilitators for their online teaching and learning curriculum, the Fusion Course, which utilizes community-based learning pedagogy to foster student engagement and tie this learning to civic importance in a remote classroom setting.

Due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic and the consequential rapid transition to online courses, the Fusion Course aims to provide critical training and support to faculty for adapting their courses to an online platform, as well as instruction on how to integrate community engagement methodologies into existing curriculum to improve the quality of course delivery and student engagement.  Through this faculty development course, faculty learn how to infuse community based-learning components into online courses to give students hands-on, real-world experience to strengthen learning, create connections to the larger community, and improve student retention rates.

Co-Facilitator Position Description

The main objective of the facilitator role is to provide support and deliver instruction on how to integrate community-based learning pedagogy into an online classroom setting. The curriculum for this course is currently being finalized, and most elements will be delivered asynchronously, as participants self-pace their learning and complete assignments autonomously. The facilitator will deliver the synchronous components: the live sessions; drop-in office hours; and online discussions.  In addition, the facilitator will help provide feedback on the participants’ assignments as well as their infused course blueprints. There will be a maximum of 40 faculty participants per session.

Commitments and Responsibilities

Facilitators must be able to commit to 20 hours a week during two distinct two-week sessions (one in early July, the other in early August) as well as 40 hours during an accelerated one-week session in late July.

Specific details of session dates and times can be found at

Specific responsibilities include:
  • Host and facilitate two 90-minute live sessions per week; three per week for accelerated session;
  • Host 5-10 hours of drop-in office hours (Campus Compact will assist with scheduling and grouping thematic troubleshooting);
  • Review and provide feedback on course assignments and the final product, the course blueprint, in conjunction with Campus Compact staff; and
  • Help moderate and facilitate the online discussion board, via the platform Slack.
Applicant Requirements
  • Demonstrated personal success in developing and teaching community and civically-engaged courses in an online classroom setting
  • Experience in introducing faculty to best practices in community-based learning and problem-based learning pedagogy as well as best practices in engaged online teaching and learning
  • Experience supporting and training cohorts of faculty to adapt courses to an online platform as well as how to integrate community engagement methodologies into existing curriculum to improve the quality of course delivery and student engagement
  • Ability to introduce faculty to helpful online resources, technologies, and tools  to help them implement an online course
  • Awareness of, and sensitivity to, how external circumstances affect learning in remote learning environments
The initial review of applications will begin on June 15th, 2020, and continue until positions are filled. 

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