Church leadership expert, Dr. Lovett Weems of Wesley Theological Seminary, writes, “Leadership is helping God’s people take the next faithful step. The current state of things is never synonymous with God’s ultimate will. The unspoken mission of many churches is to ‘stay as good as we are.’ That makes no sense theologically. We cannot become what we need to be by remaining what we are.”

How do we take the next faithful step in our worship life at Ocala First?  There are no new proposals on the table or hidden agendas. We simply want honest feedback to help us discern how God is leading us forward.  Please complete this survey so we can take a fresh look at how we worship, when we worship, and where we worship. 

* 1. My age range

* 2. My Gender

* 3. My marital status

* 4. I have kids/grandkids living at home (full-time or part-time)

* 5. I usually attend

* 6. I attend worship on average

* 7. The reasons I typically do NOT attend worship on a Sunday morning include (check all that apply)

* 8. The ideal time for Sunday Morning worship for my family and me (assuming our preferred style of worship is offered at that time) would be

* 9. My preferred style of worship, if offered at my preferred time, is (select all that apply)

* 10. My preferred location(s) for worship (regardless of style or time) is (check all that apply

* 11. I would like to celebrate Holy Communion

* 12. I would be interested in participating in worship at times other than Sunday morning. These times would fit my family and my schedules best

* 13. I would be interested to participating in the following if offered:

* 14. Alternative forms of worship are emerging in some churches. I would be interested the following alternative experiences

* 15. What is most important to me about worship?

* 16. What do I worry most about when I think about our worship?

* 17. If I could change one thing about our worship at the drop of a hat, what would it be?

* 18. I have other thoughts about our worship life that are not addressed in this survey. I'll just leave those comments in this box . . .

* 19. I would be open to participating in a worship focus group to share more thoughts on our worship life.