Industry Employer Survey - Introduction

The University of Alaska, through its Fisheries, Seafood, Maritime Initiative ( is asking marine industry employers for information we can use to develop an industry-specific workforce development plan for the state. This survey has seven short questions plus space for you to enter information about your company's workforce and employee needs. It asks you to list all of your company's maritime-specfic occupations (not individual positions) and then to provide a few additional details about high-priority occupations. Please use as many pages as necessary to list all pertinent occupations.

The goal is to provide us a picture of employment opportunities and workforce needs within Alaska's maritime industries, and to identify the training, education, and skills required for those occupations. With the help of a panel of industry advisors we will develop strategies for providing training and education that prospective employees need to qualify for jobs and careers. The information you provide will help the University of Alaska, other institutions in Alaska, and the State develop a plan.

Responses are confidential; neither companies nor individuals will be identified in the report. The information will only be used in a training and education needs assessment and plan development.

In Question 1 you will be asked to list marine-specific occupations in your company and in Question 2 you will be asked to list high-priority, difficult to fill occupations.

If you would like a copy of our report or would be available for an in-person or telephone interview in which you could provide us more detailed information, please check the boxes at the end of the survey.

Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns. Thanks for assisting us and promoting the future of your industry.

Terry Johnson, Professor
Alaska Sea Grant Marine Advisory Program
University of Alaska Fairbanks
1007 W. 3rd Ave. Suite 100
Anchorage, AK 99507