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If you are interested in speaking with someone about whether your situation is a good fit for Friendly Divorce, please answer the following questions and someone will contact you within 24 hours or on Monday. Please know that as a law firm, we are ethically prohibited from representing both you and your spouse. If we were to work together, either you or your spouse would enter into a retainer agreement with Maxim Law.

* 1. Spouse Location - Do you know where your spouse is located?

* 2. Last Known Location - If you do not know the location of your spouse, do you know his/her last known address or someone who knows how to locate your spouse?

* 3. Cooperation - In your opinion, will your spouse cooperate with you in the divorce process?

* 4. Assets - Are you aware of all of the assets (including retirement and investment assets, automobiles and recreational vehicles, and real and personal property) that you and your spouse own?

* 5. Liabilities and Debt - Are you aware of all debt for which both you and your spouse are obligated?

* 6. Division of Assets - Are you and your spouse in agreement on how to divide your assets and debt between the two of you?

* 7. Home Ownership - Do you own real property (home, cabin, rental property)?

* 8. Real Estate - Are you and your spouse in agreement on what to do with the family home and any other real property?

* 9. Income - Are you and your spouse knowledgeable about all sources and amounts of income you each receive?

* 10. What is your estimated gross (before taxes) yearly income?

* 11. What is your spouse’s gross (before taxes) yearly income?

* 12. Spousal Support - Are you and your spouse both capable of supporting yourselves at a standard of living similar to that which you experienced during your marriage?

* 13. Shared Income - If either you or your spouse is not capable of self-support, do the two of you plan to share income after the divorce so that the spouse with higher income earner pays monthly support to the other spouse?

* 14. How many children do you have?

* 15. Do any of your children have special medical or educational needs?

* 16. Custody and Parenting Time - Are you and your spouse in agreement on whether your children will primarily be in one parent’s care or in the equal care of both parents?

* 17. Decision Making - Do you and your spouse have any disagreements related to your children’s education, religion, or medical or mental health treatment?

* 18. Do you trust your spouse?

* 19. Would you like a follow-up call from Maxim Law to discuss your results?

* 20. If you would like a follow-up call from Maxim Law to discuss your results, please enter your contact information: