Do you use tobacco and want to reduce your use or even quit? We can help! 

The Tobacco Free UC initiative will continue offering tobacco cessation classes throughout 2018. This series is called Freshstart ® and have sessions designed by the American Cancer Society. Each session is held for 1 hour in a supportive group setting. Your feedback is very important to us and will help us determine when to offer these classes at various UC locations.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, email or call (513) 556-0116.  Thank you.

* 1. If you use tobacco, how likely are you to participate in this cessation class?

* 2. Please select the option that best applies to you.

* 3. If you are interested in participating, what days and times would you be most likely to attend?  Please select all that apply.

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Morning (7:30am-8:30am)
Morning (8am-9am)
Lunch/break time (11am-12pm)
Lunch/break time (12-1pm)
Afternoon (3-4pm)
Afternoon (4-5pm)
Evening (5pm-6pm)

* 4. If you are interested in participating, what UC locations would you most likely visit?  Please select all that apply.

* 5. Do you have additional feedback you would like to share?

* 6. Are you interested in the Freshstart tobacco cessation series?  If so, please provide your first and last name, and UC email.  A Tobacco Free UC member will reach out to you.

Thank you for your feedback!  If you have any questions, email or call (513) 556-0116.  If you are not ready to quit but would like more information about tobacco cessation resources, visit