Freshmen Academy Survey

The Freshman Academy will be a two semester requirement for all incoming freshmen. The Freshman Academy will be used to provide transition skills that students need when entering high school. All freshmen students will be in the academy course during the 4th period of the day. Students will be divided into six sections and rotate through a set curriculum every six weeks with a daily study hall incorporated within the rotation.

Goals of the Academy:
To bridge the gap from middle school to high school.
To better prepare students academically and socially for the rigors of high school and beyond.
Decrease the number of freshmen students who feel overwhelmed, confused and alone.
To increase attendance and decrease drop-outs.
To provide a support system for freshmen consisting of a core team of adults focused on providing positive interaction.

The Freshman Academy will consist of two core teams of three teachers each (English, Math and Science). The Freshman Academy will be composed of dedicated teachers who will work together to create a special foundation of educational rigor and relevance in the classroom.

During the Freshman Academy class period students will have the opportunity to receive instruction on six different topics that are relevant to high school success.

Please answer questions 2-7 related to the Freshmen Academy and question 8-11 concerning "closed campus" lunch and the MCHS Cafeteria.

* 1. Please indicate which category you represent.

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7th Grade Parent MCMS
8th Grade Parent MCMS
7th Grade Parent Allendale
8th Grade Parent Allendale
7th Grade Parent Saint Mary's
8th Grade Parent Saint Mary's
9th Grade Parent MCHS

* 2. My child would benefit from a daily 30 minute study hall?

* 3. My child would benefit from having access to time management and study skills?

* 4. Does your child now or has your child ever expressed anxiety about attending high school?

* 5. Do you think that your child benefited or will benefit from having a core group of teachers who are focused on meeting their academic needs?

* 6. Would you benefit from having one adult to contact if you notice your child begins to struggle or if you have any questions or concerns?

* 7. Would your child benefit from having one adult to contact if he/she begins to struggle or has questions or concerns?

* 8. Do you believe your child would be more likely to eat in the Cafeteria if there was a salad/hot bar?

* 9. Do you worry about your child as a Freshman leaving school for lunch?

* 10. Do you worry about your child as a Freshman riding in cars with young inexperienced drivers at lunch?

* 11. Would you support a "closed campus" lunch for freshmen?