* 1. How are you affiliated with Frenship ISD?

* 2. In general, where do you spend most of your time obtaining local, state or national news?
Rank these in order,"1" being the place where you spend the most time.

* 3. If you chose "other" in question 2, please specify.

* 4. Do you feel informed about what’s happening within Frenship ISD?

* 5. How timely do you feel you receive news and information from the district?

* 6. How do you prefer to receive news and information about the district?
Rank these in order of preference, "1" being most preferred.

* 7. If you chose "other" in question 6, please specify.

* 8. How often do you visit www.frenship.net?

Please rate the district website www.frenship.net on the criteria listed below. 

* 9. Please check one per line

  Poor Fair Good Excellent
Overall Usefulness

* 10. Do you follow Frenship ISD on social media?

* 11. If you chose "yes" in question 10, select all that apply.

* 12. How often do you notice Frenship ISD on your Facebook timeline?

* 13. Are there ways you’d like to interact with Frenship ISD that aren’t already in
place? (Examples: magazine, Frenship app, Instagram, Snapchat, direct mail, printed newsletter, etc.)

* 14. How can the district improve our communication?