1. Commute Options Survey

Franklin County, the Town of Rocky Mount, and RIDE Solutions are working together to find ways to help commuters traveling in to or out from this region. We recognize that employers have vital role to play in the commute options available to their employees, and can reap benefits from successful alternative transportation programs such as better parking management, lower employee turnover, and improved employee health.

Your answers to this important survey will help Franklin County, Rocky Mount, and RIDE Solutions determine the best programs and facilities needed to improve commute options in the region. We appreciate your taking the time to complete the questionnaire.

* 1. Please tell us the name of your business

* 2. What is your business zip code?

* 3. How many people do you employ in the Franklin County/Rocky Mount area?

* 4. Do you own your own parking lot or share with other businesses?

* 5. How many parking spaces do you have access to for both employees and customers?

* 6. Have you ever had problems with parking capacity or felt that your business was harmed in some way by poor parking or poor access to parking?

* 7. What would you estimate to be the average commute distance of your employees? (Leave blank if unknown).

* 8. To your knowledge, have employees ever expressed a need for assistance to cover commuting costs or provide reliable transportation as part of their benefits package?

* 9. Have you ever shared information about transportation options with your employees? In this case, sharing could mean providing links to websites, brochures about ways to save money on gas, presentations on healthy transportation options as part of an employee wellness program, or similar.

* 10. When promoting commuter options to employees, employers often have a number of no- or low-cost ways to encourage participation. Please let us know which, if any, of the following efforts you have undertaken:

* 11. Have you heard of RIDE Solutions, the regional commuter assistance program?

* 12. Have you used a service offered by RIDE Solutions? "Using a service" is defined by browsing the website, requesting a worksite visit, requesting information by phone, or similar interaction.

* 13. Did you know that RIDE Solutions offers a free employer services program to assist with providing commuter options to employees?

* 14. Please share any barriers you may have to your employees using commute options? These could be related to the nature of your business, scheduling issues, employee travel distance, or other issues.