1. Commute Options Survey

Franklin County, the Town of Rocky Mount, and RIDE Solutions are working together to find ways to help commuters traveling in to or out from this region. Your answers to the questions below will help RIDE Solutions determine what options can best serve the need of Franklin County commuters, and can lead to new accommodations such as park and rides in key areas of congestion.

Thank you for taking the time to answer this important survey.

* 1. Please enter your home zip code.

* 2. (optional) Please enter your home address. By sharing your home address with us, we are better able to determine potential carpool/vanpool opportunities and other commute programs.

* 3. Please enter your work zip code

* 4. (optional) Who is your employer?

* 5. How far is your one-way commute distance (in miles):

* 6. How long is your one-way commute time (in minutes)?

* 7. Does your commute take you along any of the following major roads:

* 8. Are you aware of any public (VDOT maintained) park-and-ride lots along your daily commute route?

* 9. Are you aware of any informal park-and-rides along your commute route? An informal lot may be spaces at a strip mall or grocery store, a public park, or other public/private space used by commuters that isn't explicitly identified as park-and-ride.

* 10. Have you EVER made use of a park and ride lot to facilitate a carpool, whether for a work trip or other trip? You may select more than one answer.

* 11. Please select the commute mode you use for each day of the week you travel to your job.

  Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Drive alone
Public Transit

* 12. If you drive alone or are the primary driver of a carpool, please indicate what kind of vehicle you use:

* 13. Please select up to three factors that influence your current choice of commute mode.

* 14. From the list below, select one or more commute alternatives you have EVER used (you may choose more than one).

* 15. Which of the following incentives would make you more likely to try commuting by carpool, bike, walk, or public transit? Rank in order most important (1) to least important (12).

* 16. Which of the following services, if you knew they were available, would you take advantage of at least one day a week?

* 17. How likely would you be to use the following commute alternative at least two days a week if your employer encouraged you to do so?

  Very likely Likely Neutral Unlikely Very unlikely N/A
Public Transit

* 18. Have you heard of RIDE Solutions, the regional commuter assistance program?

* 19. Have you used a service offered by RIDE Solutions? "Using a service" is defined by browsing the website, requesting a carpool match, requesting information by phone, using a Guaranteed Ride Home voucher, or similar interaction.

* 20. Please share any barriers you may have to using a commute alternative:

* 21. Please share incentives that might help you make the decision to move to a commute alternative:

* 22. Please select your age bracket:

* 23. Please identify your sex: