Framingham First Charter Survey

What do you think of the Charter Commission's proposed Home Rule Charter for Framingham?

Over the past seven months the Charter Commission has crafted a Home Rule Charter for voters’ consideration next April for a Mayor & Council form of government to replace our Selectmen, Manager & Town Meeting.

Features of the new Home Rule Charter include:
  • There would be nine neighborhood districts and two at-large Councilors;
  • School Committee comprised of 9 neighborhood districts;
  • More transparency in government, including all elected officials and department heads are required to follow Massachusetts ethics laws and self-dealing among elected officials and department heads is prevented;
  • Council approves all mayoral appointments;
  • Creates a Citizen Participation Officer, to develop and implement strategies to maximize public engagement;
  • Creates a Strategic Initiative & Finance Oversight Committee, a citizen group providing input and oversight into our municipal finances.  
The Charter Commission's draft charter is available to read online on their website.

Question Title

* 1. Do you support or oppose the Charter Commission’s proposal to replace Town Meeting, Selectmen & Manager with an 11-member Council and Mayor?

Question Title

* 2. If Framingham becomes the 54th community in Massachusetts with a city form of government, should we be called a Town like 14 of these cities (Franklin, Watertown, Braintree) or called a City?