* 1. What city are you located?

* 2. Which location & weekday is your class (ie Thorncliffe Monday 6pm)

* 3. Who was your instructor?

* 4. Rate the Instructor:

  Never Rarely Sometimes Most of the Time Always
Was the instructor on time?
Did the instructor appear confident?
Was the instructor easy to hear & understand?
Did you enjoy the music selection?
Was the instructor happy, smiling, motivational, enthusiastic, etc?
Was the instructor receptive to questions and/or input?
Did the instructor provide modifications if you needed them?
Was the intensity of this class satisfactory to your needs?
Overall, did you enjoy the class?

* 5. What are you favourite things about the class? (Specific moves, music, instructor...etc)

* 6. Is there anything you would change about your sessions?

* 7. Do you have any music suggestions for upcoming classes?

* 8. Do you participate in our Foxy Weekly Challenges? If so, what was your favourite?

* 9. If you participate in Foxy Challenges how do you normally find out what the challenge is?

* 10. Please feel free to leave us a comment about your time in Foxy Kickboxing.

* 11. Are you planning on signing up for further Foxy classes?

* 12. Foxy Kickboxing is always expanding! Do you have any suggestions in any of our cities for new locations and/or times?

* 13. Age: