This Project is a partnership with The State of Colorado Office of Trade and Economic Development (OEDIT), The State of Colorado Department of Local Affairs (DOLA) and Community Builders.  This project is funded through a grant program to leverage state partnerships and specialized resources in service of the unique economic development goals of rural Colorado. It is a statewide bottom-up effort utilizing regional feedback to develop economic development initiatives that address local needs.

Fountain, Colorado was awarded a grant through the Placemaking Initiative in 2019 to further previously established community goals through placemaking along Ohio Street Corridor. The Placemaking Initiative will engage the community of Fountain by identifying local assets, providing instruction on the fundamentals of developing a sense of place, and developing a cohesive strategy based on community assets.

Over the next few weeks we will gathering community input for how placemaking projects could support the development of Fountain and Ohio Street.

Placemaking brings people and communities together to reimagine and reinvent public spaces- strengthening the connection between people in places they share.  It's really quite simple:  Placemaking at its heart is all about making great places in order to build a great community and a great economy.

If you would like to learn more about placemaking view our free online webinar Here

As a joint initiative in 2018,  between the Olde Town Steering Committee and Fountain Urban Renewal Authority (FURA), an Olde Town Design Aesthetic Project was completed by THK Associates to assist with recommendations and adaptations of design aesthetic guidelines within both the Olde Town and Interstate Gateway districts.

This resulted in the recent adoption of a Town Design and Aesthetic Guidelines as a progressive measure on behalf of new development/dwelling renovations as the area(s) provide a “first impression” of Fountain as one exits the highway and reflects upon the historical heritage of the community.

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