Dear Community Member,
This survey comes to you from a group of neighbors that are interested in opening a grocery store in central East Austin. We want to know how you feel about current grocery offerings and what you would like to see in a new store. We greatly appreciate your time and thank YOU for being involved!

1. What is your zip code?

2. Do you work in central East Austin? (for the purpose of this survey: east of I-35, south of 290, north of Town Lake)

3. How many people do you grocery shop for?

4. How many of those people are children?

5. Are you a Lonestar card holder (SNAP) or WIC participant?

6. About how often do you shop for food?

7. How much do you spend per trip?

8. How do you get to the store?

9. Does the idea of grocery delivery appeal to you? If so please explain why. Example: if you experience limited access, you could place an order by phone or online from a list of goods that we carry, and the goods would then be delivered to your doorstep.

10. How important is it to you that the food provided by stores:

  very important important neutral not very important not important
Is fresh
Is affordable
Is local: is sourced or produced within or near the austin area
Is ready to eat
Is free of chemicals/pesticides/growth hormones (organic)
Is produced under fair working conditions
Is produced under humane conditions for animals
Is nutritious

11. What services are most important to you in a full service market?

  very important important neutral not very important not important
Packaged/canned goods
Bulk items
Health and Beauty
Cafe/prepared foods
Household Items

12. What fruits and vegetables do you eat or serve most often?

13. Is there a meal or type of food you prepare frequently? What is it?

14. Are there foods or products you like, but have trouble finding in local markets?

15. Where do you currently shop for food? (Please list all stores/locations that you frequent)

16. What do you like least about this store/location?

17. What do you like most about this store/location?

18. Are your food needs and wants being met?

19. Does East Austin need a new grocery store?

20. If yes, what suggestions do you have for a new store?

The following questions are optional. We include them in this survey in an effort to involve the entire community. We believe that the strength of a community relies upon the inclusion of every voice. Thank you again for your participation

21. What is your gender?

22. What is your racial/ethnic background?

23. How old are you?