Thank you for taking the time to fill out this brief survey. The purpose is to assist TEA in identifying each school district's designated Foster Care Liaison/s.

According to H.B. 826, as of December 2011, "Each school district shall appoint at least one employee to act as a liaison officer to facilitate the enrollment in or transfer to a public school of a child in the district who is in the conservatorship of the state."

Information to support liaisons will be available through a Foster Care Education Listserv, designated email, and up-coming training series. These trainings are intended to help liasions understand the unique educational needs of students in foster and further assist districts in fulfilling this mandate.

Your school district's foster care liaison/s contact information is necessary to develop a state-wide distribution and contact list. This information will help our partners across education, child welfare, and the courts work better together in support of students in foster care.

*If your district has more than one liaison, we kindly ask that you fill out one survey per liaison.

Please return this survey by 5 p.m. on Friday, September 7, 2012.

**Foster Care Education Liaison information will be distributed and made available to those across systems who work with and support students in foster care.

If you have any questions or need additional assistance please contact Kelly Kravitz at

Thank you!

* 1. Please provide the name of the school district or open-enrollment charter you represent.

* 2. What is your six-digit county-district, indentification number (do not inlcude dash i.e. 123456)?

* 3. What is your Eduation Service Center region number?

* 4. Please provide your full name.

* 5. Please provide your email.

* 6. Please provide your phone number.

* 7. What is your job title and role within your district?