Vision and Guiding Principles

Over the past few weeks, we have been deliberating over the future use of the former shire hall and pondering on the best usage for our community. In reviewing the survey data and thinking about the various gaps and community needs.  We invite you to provide feedback on our vision  so we can take your feedback to the July Council meeting.
Our Guiding Principles:
•Focus on the past, present, future
•Operation hours should be all day, 7 days per week
•Must be clean, comfortable and well cared for
•Welcoming of local community groups, visitors, learning activities, schools
•Supported by marketing – Local/Council and Regional
•Attractive and welcoming street frontage
•Food and drinks available
Our Vision

Our Shire Hall Precinct is the heart of our town.
A place where the past comes alive and,
the future is full of promise.
It is where our community can gather.
A safe and welcoming place for those who live here
and those who come to see Winchelsea.
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