The Doyle-Baker Lab at the University of Calgary is currently recruiting participants for a study investigating the relationship between physical activity and gut bacteria composition.

Adults who lack key species of so-called 'good' bacteria in their intestines are more prone to obesity and associated diseases such as diabetes, heart and fatty liver disease problems. Exercise is known to have many health benefits including assisting with maintaining body weight. Obese individuals are known to have different gut bacteria profiles than normal weight individuals. At present there is limited research comparing the similarity and /or diversity of the gut microbiota composition in fit and lean versus sedentary (unfit) and overweight-obese individuals. The gut microbiota composition can be modified by exercise and diet and therefore this study may show that the level of physical activity is important for making changes in microbiota composition which could, in turn, result in a mechanism to help reduce the amount of fat found in the liver.

Participation involves providing information about physical activity and diet, a stool sample, as well as taking part in 1 hr of testing that involves a body composition scan (DXA) and a submaximal bike test.

Upon completion you will be provided with a summary of your personal results (body composition, blood pressure, heart rate, aerobic fitness etc.)

We will ask you few questions to determine eligibility in the following pages.