Introduction and Consent

Alberta Beef Producers (ABP) and Saskatchewan Cattlemen’s Association (SCA) are conducting this survey to provide important information that may be used to design more effective insurance and risk management tools for forage producers.  It should take about 10 minutes.  Forage insurance is defined here to include typical forage insurance such as hay, grass, alfalfa, native pasture, improved pasture, NDVI, rainfall index, etc.  The survey is completely voluntary. Provide only one answer per question unless otherwise asked.

This consent form is only part of the process of informed consent. It should give you the basic idea of what the research is about and what your participation will involve. If you would like more detail about something mentioned here, or information not included here, you should feel free to ask. Please take the time to read this carefully and to understand any accompanying information.

The data collected in this survey is anonymous, and there are no personal identifiers.  There are no known risks to participating in this study, and your feedback will provide valuable information in developing more effective risk management and insurance tools for forage producers.  We appreciate your time, and a final report with the results of this survey will be available from the ABP and SCA in April 2018.

By continuing with this survey, it indicates that you have understood to your satisfaction the information regarding participation in the research project and agree to participate as a subject. In no way does this waive your legal rights nor release the researchers, sponsors, or involved institutions from their legal and professional responsibilities. You are free to withdraw from the study at any time, and /or refrain from answering any questions you prefer to omit, without prejudice or consequence. Your continued participation should be as informed as your initial consent, so you should feel free to ask for clarification or new information throughout your participation.  The University of Manitoba may look at your research records to see that the research is being done in a safe and proper way.

This research has been approved by the Psychology/Sociology Research Ethics Board (PSREB) at the University of Manitoba.  If you have any concerns or complaints about this project you may contact any of the below-named persons or the Human Ethics Coordinator at 204-474-7122; Email: human

Principal Investigator and contact information: Dr. Lysa Porth, 638 Drake Centre, 181 Freedman Cresc. Winnipeg, MB R3T 2N2. Email: Phone: 204.474.8130.  Co-Investigators and contact information: Dr. Milton Boyd Email: and Dr. Brock Porth Email:

1. By clicking ‘I agree’ below, you are acknowledging that you have read the information provided to you and you wish to participate in the study. If you do not want to participate in this study, please simply exit out of this page.