1. Introduction

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Thank you for volunteering to take this survey. The survey is for people aged 18 years and over, and should take around 20 minutes to complete. The University of Canberra appreciates your responses.

The purpose of this study is to build greater understanding of demand for, and potential benefits of, communal food growing sites in the ACT. We are also interested in hearing from people who already use communal gardening spaces (e.g. community gardens) and their future needs.

The survey has been approved by the University of Canberra Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC 11-03).

The survey is anonymous, and individual survey results will be accessed only by the University of Canberra researchers working on this project (Dr Bethaney Turner, Dr Joanna Henryks and Walter Steensby). The data gathered will be used for research purposes and the findings may be used in academic reports to government and relevant industry professionals as well as in academic journals.

You may go back and forth within the survey to change your answers by clicking the "Go back" and "Next page" buttons at the bottom of each window. Your responses are not saved until you click the last button, labelled "Finished".

You may stop filling out the survey at any time either by clicking the "Leave survey now" button at the top right of the window, or simply by closing the window in which you are filling out the survey. If you stop early, all the information you provided is immediately deleted and nothing further will happen.

After you have completed the survey, you will be automatically sent to a new window where you decide whether or not to go into a draw for a $50 book voucher prize. If you decide yes, then you will be asked for contact details in case you win. Those contact details are not linked in any way to the information you have disclosed in the survey.

If you would like help with or further information about the survey, please contact Assistant Professor Bethaney Turner (6201-5732, bethaney.turner@canberra.edu.au), or Research Assistant Walter Steensby (walter.steensby@canberra.edu.au). Both are in the Faculty of Arts & Design at the University of Canberra.