Welcome to the Food Charter Survey.

A food charter is being made for the communities in Brant/Brantford. This survey will help us understand what matters to you most when it comes to local food and help us create a food charter. Responses collected in this survey will remain anonymous.

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* 1. Please rate the following statements on a scale from 'Not At All Important' to 'Very Important'.

How important is it to you that the local food system in Brant County/Brantford supports:

  Not at all important Not important Important Very important
Learning about healthy eating
Reducing the amount of food we waste
Making sure everyone can access healthy food with dignity
Learning where food comes from
Farming locally and local food processing companies
Protecting farmland
Learning to cook from scratch
Celebrating foods from all cultures
Being able to make a living growing and selling food
Using farming methods that protect the environment

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* 2. Is there anything else that is important to you about local food that we should know?

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* 3. What area do you live in?

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