Thank you for taking part in the Focus First survey! Your feedback is important to us as we discern who we are as a church and what we are called to become. Please carefully consider and answer each question.

Your responses will be kept confidential. If you have a spouse who also attends FUMC Fort Worth, you should each complete your own survey. Responses will be collected until
 October 20.

* 1. What is your sex?

* 2. What is your life stage? (Check all that apply.)

* 4. If 1 or more children live in your home, do your children attend this church on a regular basis?

* 5. What is your zip code?

* 6. How many years have you been involved in FUMC Fort Worth?

* 7. Are you a member of FUMC Fort Worth?  

* 8. On average, how frequently do you attend a worship service or other activity at FUMC Fort Worth?

* 9. Which worship service(s) and activities are you part of at this church? (Check all that apply.)

* 11. How has your involvement in the church changed compared to five years ago?

* 12. Approximately what percent of your household income do you contribute to the church annually?

* 13. Please choose the option(s) that best describes your relationships with others in this congregation. (Check all that apply.)

* 14. Do you have a strong sense of belonging to this congregation?

* 15. We have a framework for understanding our discipleship called “Healthy Plate.” How much have you grown in the following areas in the past year because of your involvement at FUMC Fort Worth?

  Not Grown Grown a Little Grown Significantly Transformed
Worship (Gathering to focus on God together)
Serve (Being God’s people in the world)
Give (Putting God first in all things )
Learn (Discovering and understanding who God is)
Play (Enjoying the good life God gives)
Pray (Talking and listening to God’s direction)

* 16. Is our church more influenced by history and tradition OR by contemporary ideas and trends?

* 17. Is our church primarily oriented to serving our members OR to serving the world beyond our membership?

* 18. Is the size of our church congregation shrinking OR growing?

* 19. Does our church feel like a loosely knit association of individuals and groups OR like one large family?

* 20. Would you invite visitors to come to an FUMC Fort Worth worship service or activity?

* 21. Does this congregation have clear vision, goals, or direction for its ministry and mission?

* 22. What best describes the direction you feel our church should take?

* 23. Please indicate whether you agree or disagree with the following statements about FUMC Fort Worth.

  Strongly Disagree Disagree Neutral Agree Strongly Agree
We offer worship options and other activities that fit my needs
We offer a good range of study options for spiritual growth
It is difficult to find a place to fit in
There is a sense of excitement about our congregation’s future
My friends would enjoy attending our church
Our congregation is open to exploring new directions

* 24. In order for our church to remain healthy and strong, how much change do you feel needs to occur in each of these areas?

  Not Important, Change is Not Needed Doing it Well, Change is Not Needed Maybe Improve it SOMEDAY Improve it SOON Improve it NOW
a. Provide more options for spiritual growth
b. Teach people how to be disciples of Jesus Christ
c. Focus on attracting young adults (ages 18 – 29)
d. Actively involve children and youth in worship
e. Provide more opportunities for fellowship
f. Cultivate a friendly, welcoming environment for visitors
g. Get new members plugged in quickly
h. Enhance member engagement
i. Coordinate lessons and activities across adult Sunday School classes
j. Provide care for members who are sick, shut-in, dealing with personal problems, etc.
k. Actively spread the Good News of the Gospel throughout the Fort Worth community
l. Engage in acts of charity and service to persons in need in the Fort Worth community
m. Support the global missions of the church/denomination
n. Evaluate facility needs for Sunday morning worship services
o. Evaluate facility needs for Sunday morning small group gatherings (Sunday School, Bible Study, etc.)
p. Evaluate facility needs for Sunday morning fellowship (indoor gathering places, larger hallways, etc.)
q. Identify programs that may no longer be relevant
r. Grow our worship attendance
s. Grow our membership by intentionally reaching out to residents in the downtown area (e.g., near South Side, West 7th)
t. Increase diversity in our membership base
u. Take a stand (from the pulpit or publicly) on social and ethical issues of our day
v. Help members understand their use of money as an expression of Christian stewardship
w. Help members understand their use of time and talents as expressions of Christian stewardship
x. Streamline our worship offerings into fewer options

* 26. If you’d like to see something strengthened for the sake of your own personal and spiritual growth that is not listed above, please describe it below.

* 28. If you’d like to see something strengthened for the sake of FUMC Fort Worth’s future that is not listed above, please describe it below.

Thank you for completing this survey! Please click the DONE button below when you are finished to submit your response. If you are unable to submit the survey, please be sure you have answered each required question.

Want to say more than is allowed on a multiple-choice survey? Be sure to add your voice to any one of the upcoming series of four focus groups that will offer you the opportunity to join with others to delve more deeply into the issues that matter most to our congregation.

Join us October 8, 11, 15, and 18 — after church on Sundays or Wednesday evenings —  for a couple of hours that will help shape the future of our church. Child care is available with reservation in advance. Look for sign-up details in upcoming communications!