Early Career Faculty Focus Group and Networking Gathering

Networking Gathering and Focus Group for Early Career Engaged Faculty: A partnership with Campus Compact of New England

Are you a faculty member involved in community or civic engagement? You are invited to participate in an early career engaged faculty focus group and networking gathering as part of a doctoral research study with support from state Campus Compact offices in New England. The study will be focusing on early career faculty and community engagement in New England. Your participation in the focus group will strengthen the important study, support Campus Compact in building new resources for early career faculty, and give you an opportunity to network with other early career faculty in Connecticut. Please join us! If you are not an early career faculty member, as defined by any type/rank of faculty member within the first seven years of appointment (or not awarded tenure on a tenure track), but know someone who is, please send this invitation to him or her.

*Meet and network with other early career faculty that have similar interests!
*Light meal served at all focus groups
*You will receive a recent civic engagement text (multiple titles to choose from!)
*Learn about Campus Compact resources and upcoming events

More about the Study:

The purpose of this study will be to explore the motivations of early career faculty that use community engagement in their teaching, research, and outreach. This study will examine engaged early career faculty in New England. The study will consist of three phases: informant interviews, focus groups, and reflective questionnaires of focus group participants. Information uncovered through this research study will assist colleges and universities in providing new support systems and faculty development programs for community engagement.

I would appreciate your participation in this study. If you cannot attend the focus group listed in your state but are interested in another focus group in New England, please contact me for other locations and times. You are not obligated and can change your mind at any point throughout this process. All of the information you will share with the researcher is confidential, and your name will never be used in reporting. If you are interested in being a part of this important study of early career faculty in New England, please fill out an RSVP on survey monkey here or contact me via e-mail at chertzberg@ricompact.org or call me at 920-265-0199 and indicate your interest in a focus group. Thank you for your consideration, as I know how busy you are during this time of the year!

Carie Hertzberg
Executive Director, Rhode Island Campus Compact
Doctoral Candidate, Johnson & Wales University

Dates/locations of Focus Groups:

Monday, February 11, 2013
12-2 PM
Southern Connecticut University
Engelman B 220
New Haven, CT

Friday, February 15, 2013
12:00-2:00 PM
212 Abromson Center, University of Southern Maine
Portland, ME 04104

Friday, February 8, 2012
12:00-2:00 PM
4th Floor Feinstein Academic Center
Providence College

Monday, February 4, 2013
2:00-4:00 PM
UNH Manchester Room 254
400 Commercial Street
Manchester, NH

Wednesday, February 20th
Pomerleau Alumni Center
St. Michael's College
Cochester, VT

* 1. What Focus Group do you plan to attend?

* 2. Full Name and Title:

* 3. Email Address:

* 4. Institution + location (example: Providence College, Providence, RI):

* 5. This focus group/gathering is ONLY for early career faculty. Are you an early career faculty member? Definition: Defined as those within the first seven years of appointment to a faculty position (any type or rank) or those who have not yet been awarded tenure (Austin, Sorcinelli, & McDaniels, 2007).

* 6. This focus group is for early career faculty that identify themselves as being involved in community engagement in some form through teaching, research, service, or outreach. Briefly explain your community engagement:

* 7. Do you have any additional comments or questions? Thank you so much for participating!