* 1. Favorite/Hottest ladies of FNL
(one response per column)

  Hottest Least Hot
Julie Taylor (seasons 4-5)
Tami Taylor
Lyla Garriety

* 2. Best.Character.Ever.

  Best Ever Runner Up 3rd but we still love him
Tim Riggins
Buddy Garrity
Coach Taylor

* 3. Favorite football player not named Riggins

  Favorite Not so much...
Matt Saracen
Jason Street
Vince Howard
Luke Cafferty
Brian "Smash" Williams

* 4. Best Character in a Supporting Role

  Favorite Least
Radio Announcer
Saracen's Grandma
Landry Clarke
Billy Riggins

* 5. Best FNL Romance

  True Love Texas Fling
Saracen & Julie
Vince & Jess
Riggins & Lyla
Riggins & Tyra
Landry & Tyra

* 6. Favorite FNL Bro'mance

  I love you, man! Boring
Saracen & Landry
Coach Taylor & Buddy
Tinker & Buddy Jr.
Riggins & Street

* 7. "Best" Obnoxious Parent

Panther QB J.D. McCoy's Dad (got coach sent to East Dillon)
Becky's Mom /Tyra's Mom (sort of same character)
Vince's Dad
Cafferty's Mom (got Tami fired in abortion scandal)

* 8. Most Annoying (Abandoned) Plot Line:

  The Worst! Yawn...
Tyra and Landry kill dude and dump in the river
Julie intentionally crashing her car so she doesn't have to go back to college
Street goes to Mexico to get a shark blood injection
Lyla as a born again Christian
Gracie Belle

* 9. Best Entertainment in Dillon

* 10. Best FNL line