* 1. Favorite/Hottest ladies of FNL
(one response per column)

  Hottest Least Hot
Tami Taylor
Lyla Garriety
Julie Taylor (seasons 4-5)

* 2. Best.Character.Ever.

  Best Ever Runner Up 3rd but we still love him
Buddy Garrity
Coach Taylor
Tim Riggins

* 3. Favorite football player not named Riggins

  Favorite Not so much...
Brian "Smash" Williams
Jason Street
Vince Howard
Luke Cafferty
Matt Saracen

* 4. Best Character in a Supporting Role

  Favorite Least
Radio Announcer
Saracen's Grandma
Landry Clarke
Billy Riggins

* 5. Best FNL Romance

  True Love Texas Fling
Vince & Jess
Saracen & Julie
Riggins & Lyla
Riggins & Tyra
Landry & Tyra

* 6. Favorite FNL Bro'mance

  I love you, man! Boring
Riggins & Street
Saracen & Landry
Coach Taylor & Buddy
Tinker & Buddy Jr.

* 7. "Best" Obnoxious Parent

Becky's Mom /Tyra's Mom (sort of same character)
Panther QB J.D. McCoy's Dad (got coach sent to East Dillon)
Cafferty's Mom (got Tami fired in abortion scandal)
Vince's Dad

* 8. Most Annoying (Abandoned) Plot Line:

  The Worst! Yawn...
Tyra and Landry kill dude and dump in the river
Lyla as a born again Christian
Gracie Belle
Julie intentionally crashing her car so she doesn't have to go back to college
Street goes to Mexico to get a shark blood injection

* 9. Best Entertainment in Dillon

* 10. Best FNL line